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It all began with a group of people who dreamt of starting something completely new. We had a great vision, a passion for change and all the right skills. Together, we established Big Dog RV Services, a company dedicated to finding cutting-edge solutions and providing great services. To learn more, browse through our site or contact us directly.



We provide RV service and repair on all makes and models. No job too large or too small. We repair everything road to roof and bumper to bumper

Electrical, Plumbing, Appliances, Chassis, A/C all brands, Precision Temp, Aquahot/hydrohot and all other hydronic heating systems. All slide out systems, leveling systems, awnings, every single part of your RV is covered by our experienced staff.


We charge a fair price for an excellent RV service and repair. With 39 years of experience in RV mobile service and repair. Our techs are not only knowledgable but are factory trained to repair your RV right the first time.

Our service fee is the lowest you’ll find in the industry at only $50.00 [charged once per job with in 50 miles of Frenchtown Mt] each repair call.

Our labor rate is $70.00 to $110.00 per hour, depending on the type of work being done. Most jobs are done by shop time and are flat rate regardless of time spent on sight.


We service Missoula Montana, and out to 50 miles from our hub for the $50.00 service fee.

Our service fee to Kalispell and surrounding areas is $120.00

We will service any area within a 200 mile radius of Frenchtown Montana for an additional service fee.


We keep a large inventory of commonly used parts in our service bus and quick response vans. Specialty parts are ordered as needed and can be here in most cases over night. We have a large network of vendors we can buy from to keep your cost lower. As a manufacture we can buy parts direct from sources instead of having to buy from wholesalers. We have a parts store online and will have a brick and mortar store in Frenchtown MT in the summer of 2019 so keep checking for updates.

Bus Conversions Done Professional

We can use any platform from OTR buses to smaller van bodied vehicles. The most common are OTR Buses [over the road] and activity buses. Activity buses are normally used by churches and schools to transport people long distances in more comfort than a typical school bus. School buses are intended for a shorter ride time. Normally they will have baggage bays under the body, larger windows and more comfortable seats. Most of the OTR and activity buses are 102 inches wide. There are some that are 96 inches wide and some are 90 inches wide. The wider body makes for a lot more interior space than one would think most interior height is normally over 6′ floor to ceiling in these types of buses with some as much as 7′ high.

  • We like to build tiny house styled homes on bus chassis. There are a lot of reasons for this.
  • Bus chassis are stronger than a trailer frame and will carry more weight safer.
  • Better brakes and suspension than trailers.
  • No need for a expensive tow vehicle.
  • You can pull a daily driver (toad) vehicle behind your house.
  • Better fuel economy and reliability.
  • And lets be honest here, they are just fun to drive.

We have built over 130 bus conversions and counting, with attention to detail and exact manufacturing techniques we build your conversion for years of enjoyment. We have 6 buses in inventory that are ready to convert all have been stripped of all interior, roofs rises 2 feet mechanicals all checked and repaired. these buses are ready to design a layout and start building , no doors or windows added until design layout is finished.

School buses are very commonly used.
They are a great choice when your budget is low and the quality needs to be high. You can build a very safe and dependable motorhome or tiny house from this platform. School buses are designed to be in service for over twenty years and can last for hundreds of thousands of miles. They are most always 90 inches wide or less depending on the body manufacture. The typical interior width is 7’3″. The over all height depends on what the school or church ordered interior roof heights range from 5’7″ to 6’5″.

We offer a host of activities.


  • Next class starts March 18th 2020
  • Classes are offered to teach you new life skills, bee keeping, canning, gardening, animal care and cooking. We even have classes to teach you how to build your own Tiny House or Bus Conversion.
  • We gather as a community for many social events.
  • Gardening as a community.
  • Exercise room
  • Volunteer jobs are available to help others. If you have a teachable life skill you can teach, contact management if you’re interested.

We offer many services for our customers.


  • Outdoor kitchen for all our guest to use. We have fellowship nights where we will gather to enjoy a meal and getting to know one another. We also offer this space available as a rental for special occasions.
  • Utility building houses laundry with hydronic heated off grid dryers, showers, toilets and dog wash stations.
  • Dog walk area includes fenced, gated wading pool, activity area and dog clean up station.
  • Kum-ba-ya area where you can gather around a fire, sing or just simply sit and enjoy Montana’s magnificent mountain views. We have different swings and sitting areas where you’re sure to find your perfect spot.
  • The park is surrounded by many edible plants including fruit and nut trees, berry vines and edible herbs. We have a green house to grow plants not adapted to our climate.
  • A pond provides a soothing gentle sound as the water flows over the rocks.

Off Grid Living Thats Sensible And Responsible.


  • We offer an off grid lifestyle that makes sense, not only for the environment but for you as well. Living responsibly doesn’t have to mean doing without comforts. By having each unit as a off grid stand alone unit we save thousands of dollars in infrastructure cost. This is good for all, people and the environment.
  • Off Grid Solar, each unit has its own mini power grid.
  • Water system in place for each unit with your own pump and water tank with a purification system in place. This will teach you just how much water you use and how to better conserve.
  • Waste management is done by having composting toilets so there is no need for black water treatment. It can be composted and put in flower gardens to keep the park beautiful.
  • Gray water is recycled to water edible plants and trees to provide a food source.
  • Heat for the long Montana winters is handled by using pellet stoves. These allow us to use recycled materials that would otherwise end up in land fills. We build our own stoves to work with the solar system and to be as efficient as possible. This heats our hot water as well as our units. Hydronic heat is an even heat and uses very little power making it very energy efficient and environmentally friendly.



  1. Always on leash, with NO exception.
  2. Off lead in dog walk area only.
  3. Pick up after your pet. Failure to do so will result in loss of deposit. Poop bags and trash are available in walk area and through out the park.
  4. Small dogs are only allowed with deposit.
  5. Only inside cats allowed.
  6. Do not allow pets in edible plants, garden areas or pond.
  7. Be respectful of others, know your dogs issues with aggression and temperament, avoid those situations.
  8. At no time can pets be chained, tied or left unattended outside.
  9. Proof of vaccinations are required must be current with Montana guidelines for shots.
  10. Pets have to be registered with Missoula county.

In one word, yes! Like all parks there are guide lines that must be followed.

Exotic pets are allowed on a case by case basis. Approval has to be in writing BEFORE pets are brought on property.

Here are ways you can follow us and stay informed.



I write articles for Bus Conversion Magazine. This Magazine is a great source for parts and how to. The featured articles will help you on your own build. Lots of pictures to illustrate how its done. The benefit of this media is that it will help you learn the experience of others. It will also help you not make some mistakes that others have done. You can find them online at: busconversionmagazine.com


We use Pinterest to catalog our builds as well as other interest. We have a lot of our park builds and Bus conversions on there. Check out our vintage section and camp food sections as well and feel free to contact us on there and to share your ideas. Pinterest name is big dog rv service.

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